Thinking about a visit?

Here at South Troy, We desire to; Know, Grow and Go with Jesus Love.

Things to know:

1. People dress for comfort!
Not like "pajama comfortable", but most people at South Troy dress casually. Jeans, T-shirts, shorts and sandals are common to see. Of course, if comfortable to you means a sports coat or a dress, that's fine too!

2. There is FOOD available!
Sunday beverages often include coffee, punch, water, tea, hot chocolate or lemonade and food may include a variety of bakery goods (donuts, bagels, cinnamon rolls) and fresh fruit.
On The Last Sunday of each month we hold a Fellowship meal-(Potluck) where we all bring our favorite entree and share it buffet style.

3. The food is FREE
All of our food is offered at no charge. You are our guests!

4. Our services typically run about 60 minutes.
Sometimes we finish a little sooner and once every so often we might run a little long. But we try not to!

5. South Troy is a diverse group; accepting people right where they are- like Jesus did.

6. The music includes drums, guitars, and keyboard.
We don't limit our music to one style because every style of music communicates differently. Generally speaking, our worship is bright and energetic with reflective songs interspersed.

7. We will greet you, but not smother you.
We will welcome you but not embarrass you. You will not be asked to stand up and introduce yourself to the room. You can remain fairly anonymous during your visit. However, we (especially our staff) would love to meet you! And we have a gift for each new guest whether or not you plan to return- it is yours.