2018 Sunday Messages

Don't Let the Grinch Steal Your Hope for 2019

The Real Love of Christmas

Don't let the Grinch Steal Your Joy

Don't let the Grinch Steal Your Faith

If We Do It, It Will Work!

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Five Kernels

Unsung Heroes

Hut, Hut, Hut

Christianity is a Contact Sport

Know Your Position

The Power of Suffering

The Power of Service

The Power of Simplicity

The Power of Sacrifice

The Power of Submission

#2 of S7 series: The Power of Scripture

Build Bridges

Knowing God, Knowing Myself-- guest speaker, Pastor Judi Heller

In The Shadow of the Almighty -- guest speaker, Reverend Chuck Coggins

Every Knee Will Bow, (I Can Only Imagine)

Jesus Rescues the Powerless

He Loves Us Anyway

Battle Zone

The Greatest Showman

Jesus Rescues the Lonely

Celebrating our Vision

The New is Here

Super Heroes

Built to Serve

No Challenge No Courage

Healthy Body. Healthy Church

Body Building: Class Is In Session

Jesus: Son of God

Jesus: King of Heaven

Jesus: Son of Man

Empty Tomb: New Life

Relationship with God

After we say "I Do"

Loving Our Kids

Who's My Neighbor

Limitless Faith

Limitless Wisdom

Limitless Grace

Limitless Love