Be Our Guest.

Be Made New at South Troy Wesleyan Church

Have you been looking for a church to call home? A place where you can be yourself and work on your relationship with Christ? You've come to the right place. South Troy Wesleyan Church is a new addition to the Zumbro Falls, MN area. We welcome everyone who has a desire to explore and grow in the Word of God. Everyone should come as they are. Throw on your t-shirt and jeans and join us to be made new at South Troy Wesleyan Church.

be our guests Sunday mornings at 10:30 am OR Wednesday Evenings at 6:30 pm

While South Troy Wesleyan Church is new, the building has been around since 1882. Building on the tradition of spreading of the Word of God, our congregation continues to grow. Pastor Colleen Hoeft is a contemporary leader that uses a storytelling or teacher approach. Feel comfortable knowing that she will do her best to bring clarity to the Word in ways that even the most confused will understand.

Join us for our new sermon series 'Summer at the Movies'

- The Greatest Showman - 
- Wonder "You are a Wonder" - 
- Black Panther "Building Bridges" - 
- I Can Only Imagine "Every Knee Will Bow" -